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Seant is a studio album by Andrzej Trzaskowski Sextet released on Polskie Nagrania in 1966 as Polish Jazz series volume 11. Album features appearance of American jazz trumpeter Ted Curson.

Usage examples of "seant".

Tregor dreamed for a while, gentle dreams of the hills of Seant, rising above the Long Sound.

Swane, whose plans for going back to Seant had just been jettisoned by some process that he never would understand.

Sprowle raised herself, by a sort of spasm, sur son seant, as they say in France,--up on end, as we have it in New England.

Tower Street and Foluran Hill was the mass of the population, with country folk from Seant and Aubinas and Seinster and the Blue Hills, plus artisans and other workers from every town and city in the region.

Shim of Seant went down with an arrow through the throat, and he was dead before they turned him over.

Big Likim, the brasshide, would need a new dragonboy when this was over, and little Shim would never see his beloved hills of Seant again.

Bryon, a golden-haired new face from Seant who handled Alsebra the freemartin.

Beyond Seant lay Aubinas, Marneri, Bea, and Pennar, the four rich provinces of the central Ennead.

Aubinan grain farmers, fishermen from Seant, and sheepmen from Blue Stone, they were all cheek by jowl with the natives of the white city under a mass of dark gray umbrellas, come to welcome the army home.