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n. (plural of seal English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: seal)


Seals may refer to:

In military:

  • United States Navy SEALs, the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force
  • Royal Thai Navy SEALs, part of the Royal Thai Navy

In sport:

  • Florida Seals, a minor league ice hockey team from 2002 and 2007
  • San Francisco Seals (baseball), a minor league baseball team in the Pacific Coast League from 1903 until 1957
  • San Francisco Seals (ice hockey), a minor league hockey team in the Western Hockey League from 1961 until 1967
  • San Francisco Seals (soccer), an American soccer team in the USL Premier Development League from 1992 until 2008
  • Victoria Seals, a professional baseball team based in Victoria, British Columbia from 2008 until 2010


  • Seals (surname)
  • Seals, Georgia, United States
  • Pinniped, marine animal group also known as seals
  • "Seals", an episode of the television series Teletubbies
Seals (surname)

Seals is an English surname of Cornish origin. The Seals family lived in the parish of Seal which had holdings in the English counties of Northumberland, Leicester, Surrey and Kent.

Usage examples of "seals".

The next morning we killed nine seals, and Soli said that we were very lucky.

There were nine gray seals, and they were basking in the sun with their black noses pointed straight up towards the sky.

As he floated there in the water, Monday wondered if there were any more Greenland seals about.

I am not sure I really understand the concept of telepathic communications with trees and thallows and seals, even rocks.

There the seals huddle and play, safe from the wind and drowning and the teeth of the killer whales - but not safe from men.

I knew that the great white bears hunted seals and hunted humans, too.

While we were dividing up the beautiful seals, Yuri came up to me and said, I must find someone to take a meat offering to the Old Man of the Cave.

And when they are gone, we will have to cut holes in the ice of the sea so to spear the seals when they come up to breathe.

When the seals are gone, we will be forced to murder Kikilia, the whale, who is wiser than we and as strong as God.

Out on the ice there was peace and privacy, even in waiting for the seals that never came.

And so they killed the sacred birds, or killed imakla bears, or, rarely, they killed seals or other animals which happened to be their doffels.

Why had I come here seeking nonexistent secrets, killing seals, feeding toothless old men, disturbing the harmony of the Devaki families?

My first thought after awakening among a host of a thousand, black, gliding, slippery bodies was that I had gone over to the other side of day, and the doffels of all the seals I had killed had come to ask me why I was insane.

No, and neither would Agathange be saved, because man was man, and someday - even though they made themselves like seals and took to the sea - the natural harmonies would be broken.

I could turn around immediately, he said, and hunt seals all the way back to Neverness.