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SDV may stand for:

  • Fuji-Servetto. SDV is the pro cycling team's former UCI 3-letter code, which was derived from its former names "Saunier Duval-Prodir" and "Saunier Duval-Scott". This team's name has changed to "Scott-American Beef" and then finally "Fuji-Servetto". Its 3-letter code is currently "FUJ".
  • SEAL Delivery Vehicle a type of Swimmer Delivery Vehicle
  • Shut down valve (SDV)
  • Shuttle-Derived Launch Vehicle
  • Switched digital video, or switched video, a telecommunications industry term for a network scheme for distributing digital video via a cable with limited capacity
  • IATA airport code for Sde Dov Airport (Dov Field) in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Society of Divine Vocations, also known as the Vocationist Fathers