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SDO may stand for:

In science and technology:

  • Scattered disc object, an object in the Solar System's scattered disc
  • Selective Door Operation, a technology that disables individual sets of doors on transit vehicles or buildings
  • Serial Data Output, in digital electronics
  • Service Data Object protocol, a sub-protocol under the CANopen protocol
  • Service Data Objects, a computer technology that allows heterogeneous data to be accessed in a uniform way
  • Signed Data Object, the resulting data object from a digital signature
  • social dominance orientation, a psychological personality variable
  • Solar Dynamics Observatory, a NASA mission to study the Sun
  • Spatial Data Option, a previously used name for Oracle Spatial
  • Standards Developing Organization, an organization that creates engineering standards
  • Subdwarf O star (SdO)

Other uses:

  • San Diego Opera, an opera company located in the city of San Diego, California
  • Silent Death Online, a video game developed by Mythic Entertainment
  • Stamp Duty Ordinance, a special stamp duty in Hong Kong to curb property speculation
  • Super Dimension Orguss, an anime series