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SDN can stand for:

  • Software-defined networking, an approach to computer networking
  • S4C Digital Networks, a company that operates television channels in the United Kingdom
  • SAP Developer Network, an online community
  • Sandane Airport, Anda, Norway
  • Scottish Daily News, a newspaper published in 1975
  • Scottish Digital Network, a planned new broadcaster and online services provider
  • Sexually dimorphic nucleus, a cluster of cells in the brain
  • Specially Designated Nationals, individuals and organizations with whom United States citizens and permanent residents are prohibited from doing business
  • Student Doctor Network, an educational organization for prehealth and health professional students in the US and Canada
  • Subdeacon, a title used in Christianity
  • Sudan, a country in Africa
  • League of Nations, Société des Nations in French
  • Serial Date Number is sometimes used to refer to Julian day, which is the count of days since January 1, 4713 BC (in proleptic Julian calendar).