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He approached each strafing run as an opportunity to stun or trank one of the sculpers long enough to harvest a trophy.

The rush of a sculper, its soft cluttering laugh of a retreat--sounds he already knew by heart.

Riker, no longer between the sculper and the cave, threw himself after it, landing heavily in the damp, trampled ground growth Missing the creature entirely.

Panting, somehow already smeared with sculper blood, Riker climbed to his feet and ran to the cave, where he found Ketan sprawled in a dazed and bloody state, his previously wounded arm now badly bitten as well.

After the sounds of struggle in the darkness--the wounded sculper, torn to pieces and consumed--the sculpers came back.

Chapter Ten AS DAWN finally trickled down to the bottom layers of the canopied forest, Riker dropped the tip of his club to the ground and leaned the handle against his leg while he wiped the sweat and grime from his face--careful not to use the sleeve stiff with dried sculper blood.

Takan shifted restlessly, the dark purple of his blood seeping to the surface of the bandages around the sculper bites.

Around him, the Tsorans wielded their lances and clubs and trank guns, but the sculpers were too quick for the short-range tranks and only momentarily deterred by the hastily made weapons.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, the sculpers took a break--time for a little nap, Riker thought, a break in the entertainment.

The sculpers were gone, slunk away after a series of attacks that never reached the intensity of the one during which Ketan was wounded.

I will stay out in the jungle an additional day and night, fighting off sculpers, sholjaggs, and ski ks I would then assume your appearance would compare, if not favorably, at least equitably.