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n. (context British English) A rough cider, normally more alcoholic than usual, and typically produced through natural fermentation.


n. strong cider (as made in western England)


Scrumpy is a term for certain types of cider originating in the West of England, particularly Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. Traditionally, the dialect term "scrumpy" was used to refer to what was otherwise called "rough", a harsh cider made from unselected apples.

Today the term is more often used to distinguish locally made ciders produced in smaller quantities and using traditional methods, from mass-produced branded ciders.

Usage examples of "scrumpy".

Teddy Gilpin was swearing at the Trivial Pursuit machine, and his brother was nursing a half of scrumpy and a packet of crisps, ogling the Tiller Girl in UI.

Drank a bit too much scrumpy one night, and tried to ride our Hereford bull.

They had snaggly grins and names like Scrumpy or Red and were hailed as they bumped past on a mower or snowplow.

It was nearly empty, little more than a roadside farmhouse with boarding rooms in what had once been a hay-loft, and a surly farmer and his sickly wife who served up rancid scrumpy and pie and little in the way of conversation.

The highlight of a working week was to go over the road to a local boozer where they sold scrumpy at one shilling and threepence a pint and get paralytic.