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n. (context rugby English) player who introduces the ball into a scrum


Scrum-half is the name of playing positions in both rugby football sports:

  • Scrum-half (rugby league)
  • Scrum-half (rugby union)

Usage examples of "scrum-half".

Each of the boys tensed, gritting their teeth, breathing hard as they waited for the scrum-half to slip the ball in.

He was like a fine rugby scrum-half gone to seed, and yet the heaviness of his body wasn't fat, for, apart from the greyness of his skin, he looked fit.

He was in his fifties, bald, short and stocky, a pensioned-off scrum-half who would grab the balls of any heavier opponent who tried to dump him.

Then, like a tigerish scrum-half, he passed the ball out to his wings, Rupert, Bas, Lord Smith, Marti, and Georgie Barnes, who'd arrived with a pile of revenue forecasts.