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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Scomber \Scom"ber\, n. [L., a mackerel, Gr. sko`mbros.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of acanthopterygious fishes which includes the common mackerel.


Scomber is a genus of ocean-dwelling mackerels in the family Scombridae.

The four species of Scomber together with the three species of Rastrelliger comprise the tribe Scombrini, known as the "true mackerels".

Usage examples of "scomber".

A very large old male whom she recognizes as Father Scomber has drifted closer to Heagran, his mantle courteously dark.

You understand, Father Scomber, that by placing ourselves around the circle of the Wall and uniting our efforts, we have created a great amplification of our single efforts?

Tivonel is fixed on the menacing figure of Scomber, who has shown only perfunctory reverence.

Marockee, Tivonel sees the huge forms of Scomber and Heagran still implacably confronting each other.

The larger group is behind Scomber and among them Tivonel sees Avanil and her Paradomin.

But before they can express their wrath, a young male behind Scomber pushes forward.

Tivonel is attending absently, half her attention on Giadoc, who is waiting on the outer edges of the crowd around Scomber and Lomax.

Tivonel can still pick out the brilliance of Scomber, pulsing with aggressive resolution.

But more and more young Fathers are clustering behind Scomber, their fields aligned with his.

The huge energic oncoming form is Father Scomber, leader of the move to flee by life-crime.

Through the confusion he sees the great shape of Scomber spreading himself above Lomax.

The two young Fathers near Scomber have already launched their life-fields upon his, bearing the nodes that are the lives of their children, leaving their bodies floating darkly behind.

Fathers jet exhaustedly past, expending their last energies to reach Scomber and the promise of escape.

From the dark bodies floating around Scomber a thin green screaming is adding itself to the uproar.

Where Scomber blazed below his defiant mind-bridge only dark bodies drift.