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abbr. science, sciences


SCI may stand for:

Usage examples of "sci".

But two seasons had passed since I had come to Ynys Sci, and two more made a year.

They arrived on Ynys Sci with the ship which bore away the homebound students.

That they were more beautiful to me than the fairest summer day, more graceful than the lithe deer frisking in the high mountain meadows, more enchanting than the green-shadowed valleys of Sci, that each was fetching, faScinating, winsome, entrancing.

But rarely a moment passed when I was not acutely aware that my time on Ynys Sci was coming to an end: soon I would return to Prydain to serve the Great King Meldryn Mawr.

On Ynys Sci the ties which bound me to my own world had worn thin and fallen away.

Soon Tegid and I would set forth on that cold sea, to return to Sycharth, and I would never see Ynys Sci again.

On Ynys Sci I had taken part in many hunts, but never hunted an aurochs.

Company in Alustre had sent two squads north for reconnaissance around the North Road between Scien and Pystra, as requested by the marshal.

The closure of the Cadmian compound in Scien had been postponed until the coming spring when the snows ceased and the weather would be more suited to riding horses along the North Road to Pystra and south to Norda, where the existing compound was being enlarged to take another two companies.

Does this have anything to do with the Cadmian relocation from Scien to Norda?

I would like you to find out if she knows more about the disappearances of the pteridons near Scien than we have heard.