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Reid kept up his contact with Schey and others whom the German introduced him to, and they made mutual profit.

Sometimes he would send items of interest, including intelligence, to Schey, and sometimes it worked the other way.

Like the others, Schey was suspected of having some connection with Stasi.

So it did not surprise the Action Service officer that Schey opted for a cab into the city and not the much cheaper bus.

The room fell silent again for a minute or two, until Schey began to speak.

The interval between the time Schey entered the caf6 and the time Thiers got there was less than one minute, but already the old man was seated with a man of similar age at a small table near the back.

Lduoard Capet was saying something, and Schey was listening, but his attention was drawn to the two men at the end of the bar near the door.

If Reid were involved in such a scheme, Schey wanted to be a part of it.

Capet, who had risen so well within the Airbus Industrie based in part on intelligence that Schey had provided him, had been more than happy to cooperate.

There was nothing behind him but normal traffic, and yet Schey was spooked.

Immediately they could hear telephone conversation between Schey and another man.

It is our understanding that Monsieur Schey will be making his move soon.

Karl Schey showed up at the Sterling, Virginia, farmhouse around 10:00 P.

A man like Schey, however, would certainly have secure access to a considerable amount of money.

Reid and Schey were talking in low tones when Mueller went to the door.