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n. (plural of scandal English)

Scandals (gay bar)

Scandals, or sometimes Scandals PDX, is a gay bar in Portland, Oregon, in the United States.

Usage examples of "scandals".

Barr had refused to seek independent counsels in two cases, the so-called Iraqgate and Inslaw scandals, and instead had appointed special counsels answerable to him and the Justice Department.

This book is not an attempt to rehash those familiar to the American public, but rather to expose an agenda behind the most insidious of the scandals, those most threatening to a free republic.

Clinton scandals of one sort or another have been threatened, beaten, and even murdered in disquieting numbers.

When covering Clinton scandals, even prominent journalists must worry about their physical safety.

Like Hillary, Kangas painted the various Clinton scandals as frame-ups, funded by shadowy, rightwing money men.

To investigate White House improprieties and scandals, the evidence necessarily led to her hidden hands guiding the Clinton operation.

As with virtually all Clinton scandals, the furor over The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce evaporated quickly.

However, as with all Clinton scandals, the indignation proved ephemeral.

I ask him to Langton after all the scandals, Molly Marne and everything?

It is not even a history of all the scandals and investigations that occurred during their administrations.

Her death put losing the presidency two weeks earlier and the scandals in perspective.

He had been involved one way or another in many high-profile Washington scandals for the last 25 years.

North Carolina, said he had no desire to return to Washington and urged the president to select someone more attuned to scandals and partisan warfare.

Kendall wanted a quick resolution to all of the scandals, and hoped that Starr would announce that he had found no indictable offenses and then issue a detailed report.

Had the scandals and investigations so defined and crippled the president, ingrained a sense of desperate struggle and blind determination, that he had lost his way?