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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Scala \Sca"la\, n.; pl. Scal[ae]. [L., a ladder.]

  1. (Surg.) A machine formerly employed for reducing dislocations of the humerus.

  2. (Anat.) A term applied to any one of the three canals of the cochlea.


n. 1 ladder; sequence. 2 (context anatomy English) ladder-like structure in the cochlea of a mammal's ear. 3 A machine formerly used for reducing dislocations of the humerus.

Scala (club)

Scala is a nightclub and live music venue on Pentonville Road, London, England, near King's Cross railway station.

Scala (software)

Scala is a freeware software application with versions supporting Windows, OS X, and Linux. It allows users to create and archive musical scales, analyze and transform them with built-in theoretical tools, play them with an on-screen keyboard or from an external MIDI keyboard, and export them to hardware and software synthesizers.

Scala can retune MIDI streams and files using pitch bend. It also supports MIDI sysex and file-based tunings. Originally a command-line program, Scala now uses the GTK+ GUI toolkit. Scala is written in the Ada programming language, and is the work of Manuel Op de Coul of the Netherlands.

Scala can also be used as a midi sequencer, by way of its ASCII-based sequencing format, seq. Because of its great flexibility when it comes to tuning formats, it is a very powerful tool for those who want to compose and sequence microtonal music.

Scala's motto is "Invenit et perficit", Latin for "It finds and perfects" or "It discovers and accomplishes". Its logo is a Renaissance-style relief print of a cherub holding a compass and a globe inscribed with a diatonic musical scale and a circle of fourths.

Scala (programming language)

Scala is a general-purpose programming language. Scala has full support for functional programming and a very strong static type system. Designed to be concise, many of Scala's design decisions were inspired by criticism of Java's shortcomings.

Scala source code is intended to be compiled to Java bytecode, so that the resulting executable code runs on a Java virtual machine. Java libraries may be used directly in Scala code and vice versa ( language interoperability). Like Java, Scala is object-oriented, and uses a curly-brace syntax reminiscent of the C programming language. Unlike Java, Scala has many features of functional programming languages like Scheme, Standard ML and Haskell, including currying, type inference, immutability, lazy evaluation, and pattern matching. It also has an advanced type system supporting algebraic data types, covariance and contravariance, higher-order types (but not higher-rank types), and anonymous types. Other features of Scala not present in Java include operator overloading, optional parameters, named parameters, raw strings, and no checked exceptions.

The name Scala is a portmanteau of scalable and language, signifying that it is designed to grow with the demands of its users.

Scala (company)

Scala is a producer of multimedia software, founded in 1987. It is headquartered near Philadelphia and has subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

Scala (band)

Scala was a electronic rock band from London, UK formed in 1996 by members of the band Seefeel. They released three albums and four EPs over the following two years.

Usage examples of "scala".

Scala, and Castelletti stood beside the blue Alfa, watching the smoke and listening to the sirens, like most all of Rome.

Non avevo ancora terminato di scendere la scala della catacomba che mi sentii agguantato da quattro robusti uomini e trascinato verso il carcame che voi avete veduto e donde miracolosamente fui tratto da voi.

From here the vibrations pass through the channels of the cochlea and set into vibration the contents of the scala media and different portions of the basilar membrane.

Putting out his cigarette, Roscani let his eyes wander from Taglia to Farel and then to Castelletti, Scala, and the others.

We took some coffee and departed, and not a word passed between us till we got to the inn at La Scala, where we got down.

We shall see how long your virtue lasts at La Scala and in the Champs Elysees, with Lucia safely packed away in England!

Castelletti and Scala, who had closed the investigations in Bellagio with the interrogation of Monsignor Jean-Bernard Dalbouse, French-born parish priest of the Church of Santa Chiara, and his staff, clerical and laypeople alike.

Personnel were still out in the field, and Castelletti had taken off in the helicopter at first light, while Scala had left before then to go back to the grotto with two of the Belgian Malinois and their handlers, still not convinced that they had searched all of it.

Anche se i pochi mobili e arredi del­l'atrio sembravano in armonia con la data di costruzione del­l'edificio, il carattere spoglio dell'ambiente suggeriva che ci fosse in corso un'operazione su vasta scala di cessione di beni.

Sulla scala, sussultarono quando l'orologio dell'atrio battè le cinque.

Suo padre viene trascinato via da un camion, la sua segretaria scompare dentro una scala mobile, il tipo che gli ruba l'auto si suicida, e l'amichetta del suo vecchio si fa investire da un treno.

Toccò un sottilissimo indicatore, e il filo di luce che divideva la scala a spirale discese fino alla base.

Badavo che la siepe di recinzione fosse sempre tagliata alla stessa altezza, e con la scala costantemente appoggiata al lato interno.

Il secondo particolare riguardava la scoperta fatta dagli agenti dell'FBI a proposito del locale in cui si stava tenendo la riunione della diri­genza della MetroHartford, e cioè che la Sala cinese aveva una caratteristica unica, potenzialmente molto utile per noi: proprio alle sue spalle una stretta scala metallica conduceva a una passe­rella sopra il soffitto a cupola, nel quale si aprivano piccole feri­toie che ci avrebbero consentito di guardare e ascoltare senza es­sere visti.

It is never going to win any beauty contests, but it has some likeable features - an old-fashioned littlecinema called La Scala, a well-preserved market arcade, a large and adorably over-the-top nineteenth-century sandstone castle on a hill, some splendid river walks.