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SBO may refer to:

  • SAP Business One, an enterprise resource planning software
  • Tougeki - Super Battle Opera, a Japanese fighting video game tournament
  • Systems Biology Ontology, a project for the development of Systems Biology-oriented vocabularies and ontologies
  • Small bowel obstruction, a blockage of normal passage of digested food through the small intestine
  • Sommers-Bausch Observatory, an astronomical observatory owned by and located on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.
  • Solution4VOIP's Bandwidth Optimization, SBO stands for: Solution4VOIP's Bandwidth Optimization. SBO Technology overcomes the problems with VoIP over ADSL by treating voice data as priority traffic and reduce the bandwidth consumption by 85% for VOIP.
  • Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer, a proprietary protocol developed by Synchronous ICT which is used to reduce bandwidth consumption by 80% for VoIP between two point.