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SBN can mean:

  • Naval Aircraft Factory SBN, a scout/torpedo bomber from the mid-1930s
  • Satellite Broadcast Network
  • SBN - The IATA airport code for the South Bend Regional Airport.
  • Sehar Broadcasting Network, a television channel in Pakistan.
  • Supervision Broadcasting Network, a television channel in Mongolia.
  • SimBroadcasting Network, a fictional television network channel featured in The Sims 2 PC game.
  • Social Business Network, a business-oriented social networking site powered by PC Mall, Inc..
  • Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology.
  • Sonlife Broadcasting Network, a network of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
  • Southern Broadcasting Network, in the Philippines.
  • Standard Beatbox Notation
  • Standard Book Numbering or Standard Book Number, which developed into the ISBN system.
  • State Bar Number, identification number for lawyers
  • Strontium-Barium Niobate, a crystal displaying a strong photorefractive effect.
  • Student Broadcast Network.
  • subtract and branch if negative - a single opcode instruction sufficient to create a general-purpose computer (as a thought experiment); a programming language has been made to demonstrate this idea.