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SBI may refer to:

  • Sound Business, Inc. a non-profit organization. College and Career Preparation for A. Philip Randolph Campus High School
  • SBI Group, a financial services company of Japan
  • School of Business Informatics of the Virtual Global University
  • Secure Border Initiative, a program in the USA
  • Space-Based Interceptor, a project of the Strategic Defense Initiative
  • Special Background Investigation
  • SSBI - Single Scope Background Investigation
  • State Bank of India, the largest banking and financial services company in India by revenue, assets and market capitalisation
  • State Bureau of Investigation, in USA
  • Synchronous Backplane Interconnect, a computer bus used by early VAX computers
  • The Systems Biology Institute
  • Site of Biological Importance, one of the non-statutory designations used locally by the Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Staffordshire County Councils in England to protect locally valued sites of biological diversity which are described generally as Local Wildlife Sites by the UK Government
  • Slovenian Stock Market Index (Slovenski borzni indeks)
  • SBInet, a major component to SBI
  • Subsidiary Board of Implementation
  • Suppression of Background Illumination
  • Sambailo Airport, Guinea (by IATA code)
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