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SBE may refer to the following:

In science and technology:

  • Sector Boundary Errors
  • Semiconductor Bloch equations
  • Society of Broadcast Engineers
  • Specification by example, in software development
  • Subacute bacterial endocarditis
  • Small bowel enema, an upper gastrointestinal series
  • Single-balloon enteroscopy, enteroscopy with one balloon

In religion:

  • Sacred Scriptures Bethel Edition, a religious book
  • Sacred Books of the East, a set of English translations of Asian religious writings published between 1879 and 1910

Other uses:

  • SBE Entertainment Group, a hospitality, real estate and entertainment company based in Los Angeles
  • Scarborough Board of Education, formerly serving Scarborough, Ontario
  • Single business enterprise, a legal doctrine
  • South by east, a point of the compass
  • Strong Bad e-mails, in the Homestar Runner web cartoon series
  • SadBoys Entertainment Rapper "Yung Lean"s' record label
SBE (disambiguation)