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SBB (band)

SBB (first known as Silesian Blues Band, later as Szukaj, Burz, Buduj – Polish for "Search, Break up, Build") is a Polish progressive rock band formed in 1971 in Siemianowice, Upper Silesia by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Józef Skrzek. It was one of the most popular super-groups in Poland in the 1970s; they also toured Czechoslovakia, East and West Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States. The band split up in 1980 but was briefly re-activated in 1991, 1993, 1998 and finally in 2000. In the years 1971-1973 SBB performed as Niemen supporting Czesław Wydrzycki, opening the Olympic Games in Munich and recording for the CBS label.


SBB may refer to:

  • Swiss Federal Railways, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen or SBB in German
  • Sächsischer Bergsteigerbund (Saxon Climbers' Federation), now part of the German Alpine Club
  • SBB (band), a Polish progressive rock band
  • Screened Bottom Board, also known as Open Mesh Floor, a device used to protect beehives from Varroa destructor mites
  • Seán Bán Breathnach, also known as SBB, Irish TV personality
  • Serbia Broadband, the cable company in Serbia
  • Solid Bleached Board, a paperboard grade
  • Berlin State Library (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, SBB)
  • Storage Building Block, an individual tape or disk drive component used in a computer data storage array or library
  • Storage Bridge Bay, a specification that defines mechanical, electrical and low-level enclosure management requirements for an enclosure controller slot that will support a variety of storage controllers from a variety of independent hardware vendors and system vendors.
  • Savez za bolju budućnost BiH, Union for a better future, Bosnian political party.