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savings and loan

n. a thrift institution that is required by law to make a certain percentage of its loans as home mortgages [syn: savings and loan association]

Usage examples of "savings and loan".

Tcholok had no known police record, $46,000 in a savings account at the San Fernando Savings and Loan, and $8,700 in her checking account at the Los Angeles and California Bank.

Early in 1992, a detailed investigative article by Jeff Gerth in the New York Times laid out for the public the facts of the Clinton/McDougal Whitewater investment, and of her legal representation of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan.

Still, his biggest project at the moment was revamping the teetering Old Line Savings and Loan to make it the biggest lending institution in Boston.

Then, whenshe comes into the savings and loan, she's treated royally and called byname.

There was a savings and loan, insurance offices, a beauty parlor, specialty shops all nearby.

He was probably happiest making deposits to the Curtain Rod Savings and Loan.

We picked up our cheques in the office and drove down to the Libertyville branch of Pittsburgh Savings and Loan and cashed them.

Not the first time he was there, on the assault with a deadly weapon convictionwhen he was still trying to do it the hard way, pushing and shoving, getting caught with tin shivs and spending a total of nine months in solitarybut the second time, the Wyandotte Savings and Loan armed robbery conviction.