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Savara may refer to:

  • Savara people
  • Sora people
  • Savara language (Munda), or Sora, in India
  • Savara language (Dravidian), in India
  • Savara (moth), a Noctuidae genus (see also List of noctuid genera:S)
  • Savara Sachaka, a character in the book The High Lord
  • Savara, a planet in the computer game Tyrian
Savara (moth)

'Savara ' is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Usage examples of "savara".

The owner of the room could only say Savara had started renting it a few days before her visit to Cery.

Before he could grasp how it was possible that he and Savara could be floating in the air, they had moved to the remaining area of roof, out of sight of the fighters below.

He smiled and followed it to the bathing room, where he found Savara relaxing in a tub of water.

If he trusted Savara, and she betrayed them, Kyralia's fall would rest on his shoulders.