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Saunder (crater)

Saunder is a lunar crater located in the central highland region of the Moon, to the east-northeast of the walled plain Hipparchus, named after Samuel Arthur Saunder. The outer wall is irregular and broken in several locations, forming the overall shape of a pentagon. The interior of Saunder has been flooded with lava, forming a level surface just below the rim. The floor lacks a central peak, but there are low rises in the southeast quadrant and a tiny craterlet towards the north rim.

Usage examples of "saunder".

Grimacing, Davidson stripped and put on the underwear, wondering if it would help to tell Saunders that he'd already seen what the Garwood Effect did to cigarettes.

Even if he was able to continue eluding the searchers Saunders had scouring the area, he still couldn't stay here.

A long time ago he'd believed that this field contained nothing but blind alleys—had believed it, and had done all he could to persuade Saunders of it, too.

Even after Backdrop started to fall apart around us Saunders refused to admit the possibility that it was our research that was causing it.

It had been Saunders, after all, who'd pushed Backdrop into existence and then dragged him into it.

Clearly, Saunders had gone about his task with a will and to hell with neatness.

Eventually he would have to tell Saunders that his last attempts had gone up in the same black smoke as all the previous ones, and there was nothing to be gained by putting it off.

It could only be Saunders, here for a late-night briefing on the day's progress.

Had Saunders been in the regular Navy, he might have encountered the kind of battering which capital ships often took in fleet encounters, where it was not uncommon for bodies to be shredded.

That was undoubtedly the first time Saunders had seen blood and brains splattered all over the trousers of his uniform.

But the impeller rooms were close to Yuri's cabin and although Yuri himself still couldn't sense anything, Saunders was apparently picking up the subtle vibrations created by the various auxiliary engines.

Lieutenant Commander Saunders, I want you to return to your post and take control of the impeller rooms.