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n. (context rare or archaic English) (alternative spelling of satyr English)

Usage examples of "satyre".

In Satyres shape Antiopa he snatcht:And like a fire, when he Aegin' assayd:A shepheard, when Mnemosyne he catcht:And like a Serpent to the Thracian mayd.

Which when Malbecco saw, out of his bushVpon his hands and feete he crept full light,And like a Gote emongst the Gotes did rush,That through the helpe of his faire hornes on hight,And misty dampe of misconceiuing night,And eke through likenesse of his gotish beard,He did the better counterfeite aright:So home he marcht emongst the horned heard,That none of all the Satyres him espyde or heard.

A Satyres sonne yborne in forrest wyld,By straunge aduenture as it did betyde,And there begotten of a Lady myld,Faire Thyamis the daughter of Labryde,That was in sacred bands of wedlocke tydeTo Therion, a loose vnruly swayne.