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SATCOM or Satcom may refer to:

  • Short for Satellite Communications and used frequently in the context of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)
  • Communications satellites or comsats
  • Satcom (satellite), a fleet of early geostationary communications satellites
  • Used by some airliners to transmit ACARS messages
  • Generic term for mobile telephony via satellite (i.e., aircraft and watercraft)
Satcom (satellite)
"Satcom" is also an acronym of, and generic term for, satellite communications.

The Satcom series was a family of communications satellites originally developed and operated by RCA American Communications (RCA Americom). Satcom was one of the early geostationary satellites; the first were the Syncom series, in 1964. The first Satcom satellite, Satcom 1, was launched on December 13, 1975. The last satellite, Satcom K2, was placed into orbit on November 27, 1985 and was de-orbited in February 2002. Satcom was first superseded and then replaced by the GE series of satellites.

Satcom (which stands for "satellite communication") is an artificial satellite that is used to help telecommunication by transmitting signals from earth to the geo-stationary satellite that receives, amplifies and relays the signals back down to Earth. It is a powerful form of radio and can cover far more distance and wider areas than most other radio technologies. It can also communicate with words, pictures and other forms of information.

The Satcom system passed to General Electric with its purchase of RCA in 1986. RCA Americom became GE American Communications (GE Americom) and the satellite construction division became GE Astro Space. GE Astro Space was sold to Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin Space Systems) in 1993. In 2001 GE sold GE Americom to SES Global, creating SES Americom.