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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sarcenet \Sarce"net\, n. [OF. sarcenet; cf. LL. saracenicum cloth made by Saracens. See Saracen.] A species of fine thin silk fabric, used for linings, etc.

Thou green sarcenet flap for a sore eye.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also sarcenet, type of fine soft silk fabric, late 14c., from Anglo-French sarzinett (Old French sarrasinet), probably a diminutive (with -et) of Sarasin, Sarazin "Saracen," meaning Turkish or Arab (see Saracen). Compare Old French drap sarrasinois, Medieval Latin pannus saracenius.\n


n. A very fine and soft silk ribbon woven in a plain weave with a fine warp and higher density weft. Now chiefly used for linings.Oxford English Dictionary ''sarsenet, sarcenet'',

Usage examples of "sarsenet".

Attired in a figured sarsenet of white ground with small sprigs of pink color and wrapped in the very latest thing in cloaks -- fine Bath coating, descending to the feet, with a large military cape and hood -- and with a shade bonnet of fine brown cane with a high crown of brown satin, ornamented with chenille and velvet flowers perched on her head, Emily tripped lightly down the stairs to where her husband was waiting in his traveling carriage.

A lambrequin of purple sarsenet hung down from the back of the helm, embroidered with tiny gold trefoils.

Edged with miniver, her layered gown of lavender samite was richly netted in gold braid and seed-pearls, the full sarsenet sleeves foaming with delicate white lace.

Dressed in deep orange sarsenet with a white lace bonnet perched upon her head, she was conscious of looking very well herself, although not, of course, anything to rival Claire.

If she wore a green bonnet with her yellow sarsenet gown to church on Sunday, one or the other of the shops on Milsom Street was sure to have a similar ensemble in the window on Monday.

Her high-necked, long-sleeved dress was of black sarsenet with an empire waist and wide skirts over several layers of petticoats that gave her a ludicrous appearance of width, not helped by her tendency toward plumpness.

Indian turban cap with a white sarsenet parasol with Vandyke floss fringe.

They were to wear a close-fitting bodice of black sarsenet and a fine crimson damask for the long skirts and these must be very low at the hips and cut in a curve, so as to expose the abdomen when they whirled to unwind the silver sashes.

Her gown, which was of white sarsenet, with a pink body, and long sleeves, buttoned tightly round her wrists, was unadorned by the frills of lace or knots of floss with which young ladies of fashion usually embellished their dresses.

Possibly a travelling costume of purple satin trimmed with a quantity of sarsenet, and worn under a spencer, and a voluminous cloak of drab merino cloth, might have contributed to her discomfort.