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n. (alternative form of sans-culotte English)

Usage examples of "sansculotte".

And that rascal Lafont has always passed for a good sansculotte, which is how the two-faced scoundrel comes to have been left in peace at Chavaray.

I am one of the dispossessed, a sansculotte, a proletarian, or, in simpler phraseology addressed to your understanding, a tramp.

With this ill-kempt sansculotte giant in front of him, he almost felt as if he were already arraigned before that awful, merciless tribunal, to which he had dragged so many innocent victims.

In her ragged sansculotte outfit, dressed as a boy accompanying a frail old man, it was clear that neither of them could possibly have anything of value.

He paused and slowly swept his gaze over her from head to foot, as if he were trying to imagine what she looked like under her loose and filthy sansculotte outfit.

The clothes were extremely plain, without the tiniest frill or ornament, but the fabrics looked soft and serviceable and would be eminently warmer and more comfortable than the scratchy shirt and trousers of her sansculotte outfit.

But Citizen Julien was right, after her encounter with the mob this morning, the sansculotte outfit she wore was probably no longer an effective disguise.

If it was at all possible, the rough dress and blouse was even coarser and scratchier than her sansculotte outfit.

Pressure from armed sansculotte demonstrations, as well as their own sense that the Girondins were the aggressive party in sustaining the feud, led many of them to this conclusion.

Oh, Mrs Fox knows there is gossip about her, generated by ladies who judge her to be a disgrace to polite society, a sansculotte in disguise, a Jacobin with an ugly face.

The place was in an uproar, and when the play ended with the sansculotte shouting the aristocrat into a dead swoon, the applause was long and loud, and Carl and Jason were surrounded by backslappers.

It will not be long, I trust, before we shall have swept the sansculottes to Hell, and so made it possible for you to enter into possession in your own person.

The sansculottes will show you their own particular kind of mercy if they lay hands on you.

It will put such a panic into Messieurs the Sansculottes that within ten days Hoche will have received every musket and every sabre they can muster.

No one knew in the morning if his head would still be on his own shoulders in the evening, or if it would be held up by Citizen Samson the headsman, for the sansculottes of Paris to see.