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Sanhe (disambiguation)

Sanhe is a county-level city of Hebei, People's Republic of China.

Sanhe may also refer to:

  • Sanhe cattle , a Chinese breed of cattle produced by crossing European breeds with Mongolian ones
  • Sanhe Subdistrict, Fengdu County , Chongqing
  • Sanhe Subdistrict, Chengdu , in Xindu District
  • Sanhe Town (disambiguation)
  • Sanhe Township, Yueyang , in Yueyanglou District, Yueyang, Hunan

Written as "":

  • Sanhe Township, Xuanhan County, Sichuan
  • Sanhe Hui Ethnic Township, Ergun City, Inner Mongolia

Written as "":

  • Sanhe Township, Gansu, in Jingning County
  • Sanhe Township, Heilongjiang, in Lindian County
  • Sanhe Township, Linwu County, Hunan
  • Sanhe Township, Baicheng, in Taobei District, Baicheng, Jilin
  • Sanhe Township, Kangding County, Sichuan
  • Sanhe Township, Tongjiang County, Sichuan
  • Sanhe Township, Yingjing County, Sichuan
  • Sanhe Township, Zhejiang, in Deqing County
  • Sanhe Manchu and Korean Ethnic Township, Dongfeng County, Jilin

Sanhe is a county-level city administered by Langfang prefecture in eastern Hebei province, People's Republic of China. The name of the city literally means "Three Rivers". Sanhe has 10 towns and 395 villages within those towns.

Sanhe city, Dachang Hui Autonomous County and Xianghe County form the Sanhe Exclave, an exclave of Hebei province surrounded by the Beijing and Tianjin municipalities.