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adv. In a sane manner, sensibly, logically, rationally.

  1. adv. with good sense or in a reasonable or intelligent manner; "he acted sensibly in the crisis"; "speak more sanely about these affairs"; "acted quite reasonably" [syn: sensibly, reasonably] [ant: unreasonably]

  2. in a sane or lucid manner; "she is behaving rather sanely these days even though we know she is schizophrenic" [ant: insanely]

Usage examples of "sanely".

Rather, as the old filth and gloomy sickness were cleared away, there would emerge a larger, stronger, older, brainier, better-nourished, better-oxygenated, more vital human type, able to eat and drink sanely, perfectly autonomous and well regulated in desires, going nude while attending tranquilly to duties, performing his fascinating and useful mental work.

Other than the rituals of change that continued the community, the strigoi sanely and sensibly left magic alone as much as possible.

He needs his hair washed, she thought randomly, and that made her think of the bottle of Johnson's No More Tears again, sitting safely and sanely on the bathroom shelf, waiting for someone to take it down and pour a capful or two into one cupped palm.

But my main point, at present, is to notice that the chief among these writers I have discussed do most sanely and courageously offer themselves as dogmatists, as founders of a system.