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vb. (present participle of sandblast English)

Usage examples of "sandblasting".

In most places where there was this kind of sandblasting there had at least been great natural carvings out of the rock, but the ugly pillars and squat, black, twisted forms created here were more reminiscent of a ghastly entryway to Hell than of the kind of unique beauty that would have drawn tourists and preservationists back in the old days when spaceships had been plentiful and space travel relatively cheap.

Even if it, or something like it, could get outside from the other greenhouse, one with the same door problem, how long could they stand it out there before the sandblasting and cold got them?

Every anniversary he'll, uh, take you sandblasting inside some little community's elevated water tank, where you'll pretend you're pioneers exploring the hollow core of another planet.

Gusts moaned up Ste-Cathenne, manhandling our clothing and sandblasting our faces with ice and snow.

The walls were wainscoted in pine, aged by sandblasting, and given a soft yellow patina of linseed oil.