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Sálvora is a small island located on the Ría de Arousa, coast of Galicia, Spain. It belongs to the municipality of Santa Uxía de Ribeira and is integrated in the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. It is separated from the mainland by a distance of about 3 kilometers to the north. It occupies about 190 hectares and has a maximum height of 71 meters (As Gralleiras). Almost the entire perimeter of the island is rocky but has three beaches of fine white sand. Since 2001 it has been integrated into the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park.

Today, the island of Sálvora forms part of the civil parish of Aguiño (Riveira municipality). Previously the island depended on the civil parish of Carreira, which was for centuries the richest and most populous parish in the comarca, also the oldest.

In March 2007 the island was acquired by Caixa Galicia for 8.5 million euros. Later that same year the Ministry of Environment exercised its right of refusal, buying Sálvora, Vionta and Noro for the same amount. The Board of Galicia, which is the owner of the island since July 1, 2008, in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment, have started work to rehabilitate the enclave.