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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sallet \Sal"let\ (s[a^]l"l[e^]t), n. [F. salade, Sp. celada, or It. celata, fr. L. (cassis) caelata, fr. caelare, caelatum, to engrave in relief. So called from the figures engraved upon it.] A light kind of helmet, with or without a visor, introduced during the 15th century. [Written also salade.]

Then he must have a sallet wherewith his head may be saved.


Sallet \Sal"let\, Salleting \Sal"let*ing\, n. Salad. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 n. (context historical English) A type of light spherical helmet Etymology 2

n. (archaic form of salad English)


n. a light medieval helmet with a slit for vision [syn: sallade]


The sallet (also called celata, salade and schaller) was a war helmet that replaced the bascinet in Italy, western and northern Europe and Hungary during the mid-15th century. In Italy, France and England the armet helmet was also popular, but in Germany the sallet became almost universal.

Usage examples of "sallet".

And with us the ruddy Solanum has obtained a wide popularity not simply at table as a tasty cooling sallet, or an appetising stew, but essentially as a supposed antibilious purifier of the blood.

Dishes came in an unceasing stream, soups and terrines followed by pigeon en daube, a rack of lamb, sallets and greens and a dish of white turnips whipped to a froth which everyone pronounced a delight of rustic sophistication, and all the while rivers of wine poured from chilled jugs into glasses only half-empty.

To apply the bruised leaves will serve for preventing boils, and the plant, if taken as a sallet with vinegar, is good for sadness of the heart.

Together with salt it gives both the name and the relish to sallets from the sapidity which renders not plants and herbs only, but men themselves, and their conversations pleasant and agreeable.

And by and by, there approached a faire and comely mayden, not much unlike to Juno, for she had a Diademe of gold upon her head, and in her hand she bare a regall scepter : then followed another resembling Pallas, for she had on her head a shining sallet, whereon was bound a garland of Olive branches, having in one hand a target or shield : and in the other a speare as though she would fight : then came another which passed the other in beauty, and presented the Goddesse Venus, with the color of Ambrosia, when she was a maiden, and to the end she would shew her perfect beauty, shee appeared all naked, saving that her fine and dainty skin was covered with a thin smocke, which the wind blew hither and thither to testifie the youth and flowre of the age of the dame.

In the morning when I arose, I found my hoofes shriveled together with cold, and unable to passe upon the sharpe ice, and frosty mire, neither could I fill my belly with meate, as I accustomed to doe, for my master and I supped together, and had both one fare : howbeit it was very slender since as wee had nothing else saving old and unsavoury sallets which were suffered to grow for seed, like long broomes, and that had lost all their sweet sappe and juice.

There was another ware legge-harnesse, and bare a target, a sallet, and a speare like a martial souldier : after him marched one attired in purple with vergers before him like a magistrate !

She could mix them along with the mustard greens and some early leeks, and then bread-fry the poke for poke sallet.