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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sal \Sal\ (s[add]l), n. [Hind. s[=a]l, Skr. [,c][=a]la.] (Bot.) An East Indian timber tree ( Shorea robusta), much used for building purposes. It is of a light brown color, close-grained, heavy, and durable. [Written also saul.]


Sal \Sal\ (s[a^]l), n. [L. See Salt.] (Chem. & Pharm.) Salt. Sal absinthii [NL.] (Old Chem.), an impure potassium carbonate obtained from the ashes of wormwood ( Artemisia Absinthium). Sal acetosell[ae] [NL.] (Old Chem.), salt of sorrel. Sal alembroth. (Old Chem.) See Alembroth. Sal ammoniac (Chem.), ammonium chloride, NH4Cl, a white crystalline volatile substance having a sharp salty taste, obtained from gas works, from nitrogenous matter, etc. It is largely employed as a source of ammonia, as a reagent, and as an expectorant in bronchitis. So called because originally made from the soot from camel's dung at the temple of Jupiter Ammon in Africa. Called also muriate of ammonia. Sal catharticus [NL.] (Old Med. Chem.), Epsom salts. Sal culinarius [L.] (Old Chem.), common salt, or sodium chloride. Sal Cyrenaicus. [NL.] (Old Chem.) See Sal ammoniac above. Sal de duobus, Sal duplicatum [NL.] (Old Chem.), potassium sulphate; -- so called because erroneously supposed to be composed of two salts, one acid and one alkaline. Sal diureticus [NL.] (Old Med. Chem.), potassium acetate. Sal enixum [NL.] (Old Chem.), acid potassium sulphate. Sal gemm[ae] [NL.] (Old Min.), common salt occuring native. Sal Jovis [NL.] (Old Chem.), salt tin, or stannic chloride; -- the alchemical name of tin being Jove. Sal Martis [NL.] (Old Chem.), green vitriol, or ferrous sulphate; -- the alchemical name of iron being Mars. Sal microcosmicum [NL.] (Old Chem.) See Microcosmic salt, under Microcosmic. Sal plumbi [NL.] (Old Chem.), sugar of lead. Sal prunella. (Old Chem.) See Prunella salt, under 1st Prunella. Sal Saturni [NL.] (Old Chem.), sugar of lead, or lead acetate; -- the alchemical name of lead being Saturn. Sal sedativus [NL.] (Old Chem.), sedative salt, or boric acid. Sal Seignette [F. seignette, sel de seignette] (Chem.), Rochelle salt. Sal soda (Chem.), sodium carbonate. See under Sodium. Sal vitrioli [NL.] (Old Chem.), white vitriol; zinc sulphate. Sal volatile. [NL.]

  1. (Chem.) See Sal ammoniac, above.

  2. Spirits of ammonia.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

chemical name for salt, late 14c., from Old French sal, from Latin sal (genitive salis) "salt" (see salt (n.)). For sal ammoniac "ammonium chloride" (early 14c.), see ammonia.


Etymology 1 n. (context chemistry obsolete English) salt Etymology 2

alt. ''Shorea robusta'', a dipterocarpaceous tree. n. ''Shorea robusta'', a dipterocarpaceous tree.


Sal may refer to:

Sal (film)

Sal is a 2011 biographical film depicting the last few hours of the life of Sal Mineo, one of the first major film actors in Hollywood to publicly acknowledge their own bisexuality or homosexuality. The film, directed by James Franco, stars Val Lauren in the title role, and is based in part on Michael Gregg Michaud's book Sal Mineo: A Biography. The film also stars Jim Parrack, James Franco and Vince Jolivette in supporting roles.

Franco optioned the film in 2010, and shooting began during the summer of 2011. The film premiered at the 2011 Venice Film Festival and is set for theatrical release in November 2013.

Sal (name)

Sal is a given name and nickname, the latter often of Salvatore.

Usage examples of "sal".

She shewed me some precipitated by sal ammoniac, which would not precipitate gold.

Sal Simmons kept a little shop, An bacca seld, an spice, An traitle drink, an ginger pop, An other things as nice.

Cawcaw fishes when the feller which is skiping gets a bite he lets him have it a minit and the feller whitch is padling the bote padles towards the shore and then the feller whitch is skiping gumps rite out as soon as the water aint over his head and gives a big yank, and the pikeril goes saling into the field.

August, 1907, the joints between the segments of the cast-iron lining were caulked with iron filings and sal ammoniac, mixed in the proportion of 400 to 1 by weight.

Ellen looked stricken, Sal avid, and Henry Clift was shaking his head as if at the foolishness of womankind.

Three thousand Venerian consols was a derisory offer, even if Sal had been willing to deal.

On May 6, 1982, almost two months to the day after the dinette bug was activated, Sal Ruggiero died in the crash of a chartered Lear jet off the Florida coast.

Sal Alkali and add as much warm water as will bring it to a due fluidity and a gold brown color for writing with a pen.

Herman was sitting uneasily next to Sal and Cam, and the three of them made a hunchy little row.

I can see Rose and Hunkie at one of the windows and Sal coming down the stairs.

As they came out of Lochan Sal and rounded the point the wind increased and the waves steepened.

Our chief reagents are green vitriol, sulfur, orpiment, and a large group of active salts, primary among them sal hepatica and sal ammoniac, though there are many others.

I sought in the darkest part of the forest among great trees of Padouk and Sal many cubits high, it happened that I heard a great rending of wood, and--Allah is my witness, sahib--lifting my eyes, I beheld the father of all the Nats tear a great tree asunder and spring at me from the bowels thereof.

I made potassium cyanide by adding sal ammoniac to a mixture of plumbago and potash.

But he ordered the espresso and Sambuca from Sal the waiter, and the same for himself, and was chewing on one of the coffee beans from the Sambuca when Bernard came back.