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Sakha (disambiguation)

Sakha Republic is a federal subject of Russia.

Sakha may also refer to:

  • Sakha language, or Yakut, a Turkic language
  • Sakha people, also Yakuts, a Turkic people
  • Sakha scripts, writing systems for the Sakha language
  • Xois, a town in Egypt also known as Sakha
  • Sakha, Iran, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran
  • Sakha Consulting Wings, a taxi service provided by women for women in Delhi, India

Usage examples of "sakha".

Several performances go on for days till a whole Sakha has been sung through, and I believe it is always customary to go through at least one Pallab at a sitting, however long it may be.

Using a carefully crafted code in case someone was listening, he called the leader of his team, a violent man named Grisha, who was a Sakha descendant of the Mongols that had lived as ivory hunters going back hundreds of years.