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n. An Asian tree, ''Terminalia elliptica''


Saj may refer to:

  • Saj (bread)
  • Saj (utensil)
  • Saj', Arabic literary genre
  • Saj, Iran, a village in Qazvin Province
  • Saj, the tree Terminalia elliptica
  • Saj (Coronation Street), a character in Coronation Street
  • Sahu language, ISO 639-3 language code

SAJ may refer to:

  • Scout Association of Japan
  • Sir Anerood Jugnauth, former President and Prime Minister of Mauritius
  • Songs About Jane, the 2002 debut album by pop rock band Maroon 5
  • Sharq al Jazeera, Qatari company
  • Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (Serbia) , special operations and tactical police unit of Serbia
Saj (literature)

Usage examples of "saj".

As the Saj drove me away, a couple of the fireflies smashed against the windshield, and their glowing belly-fire smeared in incandescent arches across my field of vision.

After I stowed them in the Saj, I opened the hood and found the sender box.