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n. (plural of sail English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sail)

Sails (album)

Sails is an album by Chet Atkins. It was released in 1987 by Columbia Records. Sails follows in the 1980s' vein of Chet Atkins' releases with a smooth jazz and new age atmosphere.

Usage examples of "sails".

With the south-east wind now astern she was transformed, lighter and more limber, even with sails reefed and with three feet of water in her bilges.

Under top sails only, and with all else reefed, the two ships were now converging, both running westward towards the Cape of Good Hope and the Atlantic.

It was easy to see that her sails had been renewed before she sailed from Holland, and all her sheets and rigging were spanking new.

Hal admitted, and pointed out the tiny sails of the two pirmaces on the distant horizon.

Hal did not pause but went up the shrouds noting the change of tack and the new setting of the sails that had taken place while he slept.

Below him the ship was unnaturally quiet, not even a bell to mark the passage of the hours, only the soft song of the sails and the muted accompaniment of the rigging.

Her bows swung clear swiftly, her sails filled and she bore away, leaving the galleon wallowing, her flapping sails taken all aback, making ungainly sternway.

The sails filled like thunder, and suddenly she was on the other tack, clawing up into the wind, tearing back to join the fight.

As Hal watched her, the caravel dwindled in size until her white sails merged with the tossing manes of the wind driven white horses on the horizon.

All her sails filled and she moved down the channel, dipping her pennant in farewell as she disappeared out through the heads into the open sea.

They scurried to obey, but the fire was spreading swiftly, eating into the stern and dancing along the gunwale, reaching up hungrily towards the furled sails on their outstretched yards.

Wisps of dark grey smoke trailed from her stern, and Hal could see that her mizzen sails and her spanker were blackened and still smouldering.

He had been able to replace the mizzen yards, and furled new sails upon them.

Even at midnight, with the present phase of the moon, they might be able to pick out the gleam of his sails while he was still well out at sea.

Once he had seized her, his men must be able to get her sails up speedily, and work her off the lee shore in the darkness.