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Safor is a comarca within the province of Valencia, Spain. The capital is the city of Gandia, but also includes the towns of Oliva, Piles and Daimús, among others. The beach area of Gandia, La Platja, is well known for its wild nightlife during the summer.

The former natural and historical comarca of Valldigna has been integrated into Safor comarca for administrative purposes.

Disambiguation: See also Safor (designer).

Safor (designer)

Sarah Forsyth London (previously Safor) is a United Kingdom based fashion accessories brand created by Sarah Forsyth in 2007. The business designs handbags and leather goods and commissions their manufacture in Italy and the Asia Pacific region. Safor's signature is the use of genuine leather and CITES-certificated exotic skins (including snake and fish) and bright, often metallic, colours.