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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sacrist \Sa"crist\, n. [LL. sacrista. See Sacristan.] A sacristan; also, a person retained in a cathedral to copy out music for the choir, and take care of the books.


n. 1 A sacristan. 2 A person retained in a cathedral to copy out music for the choir and take care of the books.

Usage examples of "sacrist".

Simon Beneson, sacrist, who left land, which is called Bell Acre, towards the maintenance and repair of the bells.

The lamps flicker, wicks running dry but as he takes his place with the other laborers at the back of the nave as he murmurs reflexive words of prayer, the sacrist makes a startled exclamation and halts halfway down the aisle.

Brother Sacrist hesitates in confusion but when Father Ortulfus lifts his voice in the opening chant, he slips into his place at the front with the other monastic officials, setting the unused pot of oil at his feet.

The sacrist whispered furtively to the chief scribe, and the cellarer rubbed his hands together nervously while the prior plucked at his keys.

The sacrist appeared out of the clot of officials who had fallen back at the first sign of violence.

The abbot bit his lip, hesitating, then gestured for the sacrist to step back before he addressed Alain again.

Furst, Rosselmann the Pastor, Petermann the Sacrist, Kuoni the Shepherd, Werni the Huntsman, Ruodi the Fisherman, and five other countrymen, thirty-three in all, advance and take their places round the fire.

The sacrist made some protest which Vivar interrupted harshly and swiftly.

The official who presided over the ceremony was commonly the Sacrist, but the duty was sometimes performed by the Chancellor of the Cathedral, the Sub-prior, or a monk qualified as a notary public.

But the moment he looked up, Alec, seeing what was the matter, and feeling all his natural loyalty roused, sprang from his seat, and rushing out of the class-room, returned with a long broom which the sacrist had been using to clear foot-paths across the quadrangle.

The moment he became aware that the first filmy shadow had fallen from the coming twilight, he caught up his hat, locked the door, gave the key to the sacrist, and hurried away.

These are the initials of Ralph Whitechurch, sacrist, at whose cost the pedestal was built in the second half of the fourteenth century.

The sacrist Egwin was much distressed at the loss of this his greatest treasure, and prayed that he might see the body brought back.

The sacrist alone opposed his election on account of his birth and also because he squinted, and predicted all manner of evils to the monastery if he were elected Abbot.

The sacrist, Walter of Colchester, was an excellent carver and carved a handsome pulpit with a great cross thereon, and statues of St.