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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sacker \Sack"er\, n. One who sacks; one who takes part in the storm and pillage of a town.


n. someone that plunders a village


Usage examples of "sacker".

Rhylios summoned its wargods, and we answered: I, dread Enyo the sacker of cities, and my brother-consort, warlike Enyalios.

Though they had called me the sacker of cities, now I must see the Rhylian walls breached, the people slaughtered.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Tales of Troy: Ulysses the Sacker of Cities, by Andrew Lang This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

With their manicured fingernails, respectable haircuts and conservative suits, Sacker and the other three attorneys from his influential Washington law firm looked as if Georgetown Law School had punched them out of legal dough with a cookie cutter.

They will celebrate his return from the war, Agamemnon, Sacker of Cities, loaded with slaves and plunder, a five-star general, clasped in the welcoming arms of his queen Clytemnestra.

As we all know, the fruit of this union was the incomparable Achilles, Sacker of Cities, who is here with us on this glorious expedition to restore the honour of Greece.

The derisive term sacker came from the way some children who were bom with severe handicaps would be suspended inside one of their com-outer-controlled vehicles in a nylon hammocklike sack.

Where was mighty Rome now, but beneath the heels that followed those of its Gothic sacker, Alaric?

He too would loot and thieve, become a sacker and despoiler of the dead.

Tyrant of Irait, the sacker of peaceful Kuran and self-styled Scimitar of the Arabs, being assassinated under the gigantic crossed scimitars of Arab Renaissance Square in downtown Abominadad.

He shoved the eager young sacker away, and for a second thought he might have to strike him to keep his precious pistachios out of another bag.

In the beginning of his senior year he had captained the varsity eleven, and in the coming spring he would again sally forth upon the diamond as the star initial sacker of collegedom.

But I imagine they will put you to the hook-flesh torture, or possibly the skull sacker, which is a favorite of theirs, and finally dispose of you in some manner.

Did they remember the sacrifices they had made then, to War and Strife, sackers of cities?

The sackers barked their staccato duet again, and this time plumes of timber and debris rose above the town.