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Sacher is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Franz Sacher, Austrian baker
    • Hotel Sacher, a five-star hotel in Vienna
  • Harry Sacher, British Zionist and lawyer
  • Lara Sacher, Australian actress
  • Paul Sacher, Swiss conductor, patron and impresario
  • Sarolta Zalatnay (born Charlotte Sacher, 1947), Hungarian singer
  • Helmut Sacher, German painter

Usage examples of "sacher".

He walked with Sacher and his guards out of the lists and across the compound to the main house.

She was speaking of the women Sacher procured for his nourishment and occasional entertainment.

Alex muttered as Sacher took her arm in his and expertly steered her away from the men.

Alex was telling Sacher as she discarded one stained gauze pad and applied a new one to the raw-looking wound.

Derabend Hall were Sacher and his grandson, Wilhelm, who were having breakfast in the kitchen.

Alex went up to the room Sacher directed her to and knocked on his door.

A black plastic body bag lay on the stretcher, and one of the men deftly unzipped it and folded it open before glancing expectantly at Sacher, who spoke to them in German and gestured toward the bathroom door.

But then I realized that no one in the Sacher was going to be snotty to us, because I saw for the first time what my father really looked like.

There were some terribly well dressed and well-to-do people at the Sacher Bar, but when my father and I came in, they all looked at him with a heartbreaking kind of envy.

The best-looking people in Vienna stopped in off the street, and the guests from the Hotel Sacher made their plans or met their dinner companions at the Sacher Bar.

Everyone at the Sacher Bar watched me crying and my father comforting me.

I sometimes wondered, in my sleep, if it was Sacher I heard dreaming, or Father.

The Court reversed two federal courts and set aside the conviction of Sacher of contempt for refusing to tell the Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee whether he was or ever had been a Communist.

We finished the night playing Monopoly on the floor and eating a terrific sacher torte ordered from room service.

He apparently had decided that food was a safe topic, and began to entertain them with anecdotes about a clambake in Maine, snake meat in Hong Kong, and Sacher torte at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna.