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Usage examples of "sacha".

He stood center stage, and from where Sacha was watching in the tenth row, she felt as though she were absorbing some of the crackling energy he radiated.

The little Sacha had surprised and amused him, but he had definitely not been bored.

When he had thought of Sacha in bed with one of her nymphet-loving clients, he had experienced a surge of rage that had caught him off-guard.

Surprise, amusement, tenderness, and the burning possessiveness that had been bothering him whenever he thought of Sacha in bed with another man.

He decided he would stretch his anticipation just a little longer before he took Sacha to bed.

His expression remained both skeptical and suspicious, and Sacha sighed.

Look, Cass, I want you to find out everything you can about a Sacha Lorion, age twenty-one, born in Budapest.

He must have been planning this on some deep level since the first moment he had realized he wanted Sacha Lorion.

Follow us to the hospital and see if you can manage to prevent Sacha from getting murdered on the way.

His face, even though gray and drawn because of the gunshot wound, was still mesmerizing, Sacha thought tiredly.

His life had been one problem after another since Sacha had come on the scene.

If he was right, Sacha would run to the only familiar person she knew in this country: Louis Benoit.

Barry Levine had gotten out of the car, and Brody was standing next to him, speaking to him in low, rapid sentences that were inaudible to Sacha from where she was standing.

That lazily mischievous smile should be against the law, Sacha told herself.

He got up from the bed, reached into the drawer of the bedside table, and drew out the gun Sacha had discovered earlier in the evening.