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The Sacculinidae are a family of barnacles belonging to the bizarre parasitic and highly apomorphic superorder Rhizocephala, and therein to the less diverse of the two orders, the Kentrogonida. The Sacculinidae are one of the two larger families of Rhizocephala (which are both in the Kentrogonida), containing seven genera:

  • Drepanorchis Boschma, 1927
  • Heterosaccus Smith, 1906
  • Loxothylacus Boschma, 1928
  • Polyascus Glenner, Lützen & Takahashi, 2003
  • Ptychascus Boschma, 1933
  • Sacculina Thompson, 1836
  • Sesarmaxenos Annandale, 1911