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Saa or SAA may refer to:

Usage examples of "saa".

A favorite topic ever since Lak Saa and his fanatics had launched their incessant attacks on the status quo.

But a few, those who had met Lak Saa on previous occasions, knew him for who he was: the leader of the Claw.

His eyes widened when he saw Lak Saa enter, he tried to stand, but was unable to do so without pulling the nails out through his flesh.

Empress is a self-concerned tyrant, but the head of the Claw, an ex-minister named Lak Saa, is even worse.

Here, right before their very eyes, Lak Saa had demonstrated the power of right thinking, the primacy of spirit over mind, and the manner in which skill can triumph over technology.

He roared an order, and charged Lak Saa, even as the others circled to the sides.

A legend in which Lak Saa ordered a hundred traitors to die and they hurried to obey him.

Lak Saa turned, climbed a second flight of litter-strewn stairs, and emerged on a flat roof.

Lak Saa, apparently unaware of their fear, took a long slow look around.

Strangely, through their attempts to reach Mee Mas and kill him, Shi Huu and Lak Saa had granted the youth the very thing he needed most: credibility.

Lak Saa wondered if he had done the correct thing and went on assure himself that he had.

Only weeks had passed since Lak Saa had demonstrated his prowess within the confines of the hodo but it seemed like a year.

First, because the Ramanthians had told Lak Saa the moment they learned of it, and second because of the well-documented defeats that followed.

A wave of vertigo threatened to dump him on the floor, but Lak Saa waited for the dizziness to pass, and shuffled toward the door.

Lak Saa stumbled out of his tent, stared at the mayhem, and ignored the line of machine gun bullets that dug divots out of the ground in front of him.