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init. 1 Science and Technology 2 (context rail transport English) Signalling and Telecommunications


S&T can refer to:

  • Science and technology, the counterpart of R&D
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology, often shortened to "Missouri S&T" or simply "S&T"
  • Signalling and Telecommunications or Signalling and Telegraphy in Railway signalling
  • S&T Dynamics, machine-tools and auto parts manufacturer of South Korea
  • Sky & Telescope, a magazine
  • Strategy & Tactics, a magazine
  • S&T (company), an IT company from Austria
  • S&T Motors, a motorcycle manufacturer of South Korea
  • Switching and terminal railroad
S&T (company)

The S&T group of enterprises is an IT consulting, solutions and services provider with its head office in Vienna and 80 branches in 22 countries.