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Ryley is a village in central Alberta, Canada. It is located in Beaver County, along Highway 14 between the City of Edmonton and the Town of Viking. The City of Camrose is approximately south of Ryley. The village was named in 1908 after George Urquhart Ryley, Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad Land Commissioner at the time.

Ryley (disambiguation)

Ryley is a village in Alberta, Canada. Ryley may also refer to:

  • Bryan Ryley, a Canadian artist and educator
  • Charles Reuben Ryley (1752?–1798) an English painter
  • J. H. Ryley (c.1841–1922), an English singer and actor
  • Ryley Batt (born 1989), an Australian wheelchair rugby player
  • Ryley Dunn (born 1985), an Australian football player
  • Ryley Grantham (born 1988), a Canadian ice hockey player
  • Ryley Miller (born 1992), a Canadian ice hockey player