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Ryle is the family name of the following individuals:

  • Anthony Ryle (born 1927), psychotherapist
  • Edward Ryle (born 1885), British athlete and competitor in the 1908 Summer Olympic Games
  • Gerard Ryle, Australian journalist
  • Gilbert Ryle (1900–1976), English philosopher
  • Glenn Ryle (1927–1993), American television personality, in Ohio
  • Herbert Edward Ryle (1856–1925), Old Testament scholar in England
  • J. C. Ryle (John Charles Ryle, 1816-1900), Anglican bishop of Liverpool
  • John Ryle (disambiguation), any of several people
  • Martin Ryle (1918–1984), English astronomer
  • Mary Danforth Ryle (born 1833), American philanthropist
  • William Ryle (1834–1881), American businessman in the silk industry