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RX is the telegraph and radio abbreviation for "receive", "receiver" or "reception".

RX, Rx, , or rx may also refer to:

  • ℞, medical prescriptions
  • Rx, the symbol used to describe apparent retrograde motion of planets
  • rx, an abbreviation for a chemical reaction
  • RX, IATA code for Regent Airways, a Bangladeshi airline
  • Rx, nuclear reactor
Rx (band)

or Rx was a one-off side project by Skinny Puppy band member Nivek Ogre, in collaboration with Invisible Records founder Martin Atkins. The project was originally called Ritalin, but the name was changed for legal reasons.

RX (rocket family)

The RX rocket family (Roket Eksperimental) is a series of solid-fuel rockets developed by the Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space. They are simply named by their diameter in millimeters; for example, the RX-250 has a diameter of 250 mm.