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The three-letter abbreviation RWS may stand for one of the following, depending on context:

  • Remote Weapon System or Remote Weapon Station, a type of small/medium-calibre weapon mounting used on some modern armored military vehicles
  • Running With Scissors (company), a video game Developing company, best known for POSTAL series
  • Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League
  • Roulette Wheel Selection, a selection Genetic operator used in Genetic algorithms
  • Royal Watercolour Society, an English institution of painters working in watercolours
  • Renault World Series, motorsport championship run globally by Renault
  • Resorts World Sentosa, an integrated resort in Singapore
  • The Railway Series, a popular children's book series that inspired Thomas & Friends
  • RWS Group, Europe's largest patent translation and localisation services provider
  • RESTful web service, appears in Whois-RWS, a type of Internet number lookup service found on the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) website
  • The Really Wild Show, a British children's television programme to do with animals
  • Romano–Ward syndrome, a condition that causes a disruption of the heart's normal rhythm
  • Remote Winsock, a protocol used to allow clients to communicate through an ISA firewall.