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RWA may refer to:


  • Race Walking Association, a professional sports body in the UK
  • Resident welfare association, any self-organised group (particularly in India) which claims to represents of a specified region
  • Romance Writers of America, a genre-specific writers association
  • Rot Weiss Ahlen, a German football club
  • Royal West of England Academy, an art gallery and academy in Clifton, Bristol, UK
  • Royal West Academy, a secondary school in Canada

In science and technology:

  • Reaction wheel assembly, in spacecraft control
  • Right-wing authoritarianism, a psychological personality variable
  • Rotating wave approximation, a mathematical simplification used in atom optics and magnetic resonance
  • Routing and wavelength assignment, a critically important problem for increasing the efficiency of wavelength-routed all-optical networks

Other uses:

  • Research Works Act, a bill introduced in the US House of Representatives containing provisions to prohibit open access mandates
  • Risk-weighted asset, a bank risk management variable usually used in the context of Basel II
  • Rwanda, an east-central African country