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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rutty \Rut"ty\, a. [See Root.] Rooty. [Obs.]


Rutty \Rut"ty\, a. Full of ruts; rutted; as, a rutty road.


Rutty \Rut"ty\, a. Ruttish; rutting; lustful.


Etymology 1 a. 1 rutted; imprinted with ruts. 2 Related to a rut; being in a state of sexual arousal; ruttish; lustful. Etymology 2

a. (context obsolete English) rooty

  1. adj. full of ruts; "rutty farm roads" [syn: rutted]

  2. [also: ruttiest, ruttier]

Usage examples of "rutty".

Then I have only to lay there, open my legs or my mouth and make rutty noises.

It was uphill nearly all the way, and the foulest, rockiest, ruttiest sheep-track of a road imaginable, once one had left the main road.

The armored division went into the northern battle theater over the rutty track leading to Maknassy.

We drove way out to the desert the other side of town and turned on a rutty dirt road that made the car bounce as never before.