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Aurelianus was lowered next, and Duffy and the northmen were about to follow when the Irishman heard, a dozen yards to the right, the rutch of a pebble turning under a boot.

Chinaman and the beard were out cold, but the one called Rutch was humping on the grass like a baby mouse in a bonfire.

Vidron, who found the thought of a Rutch trapped in a drum being whaled by a Waeran hilarious.

Finally the last table -- aside from the one at which the two men were talking in lowered but intense tones -- was in place, and Duffy was turning to leave when a bench rutched sharply as Antoku stood up.

Molly mewled drowsily from her bed and rutched around under the covers.

Fandango could reply, a chair rutched back in the corner and the man at the windowside table stood up and spoke.

The composition soles of their boots rutched steadily on the light snow-covering of the roads and sidewalks.

Chairs rutched noisily back from the table and people got to their feet and began fumbling arms through coat-sleeves.

It rutched up her shirt so that her bra showed through straining fabric.

In any case, I splurged and had it rutched round the hem, with ribbons to set off the rutchings.

They circled, crouched, their soft moccasins rutching in the fallen leaves and punk of rotten branches.

Tartessian nodded curtly and turned on his heel, sand rutching under the sandal.

The monk picked up his stool and mat, and the abbot walked out of the room with his prayer wheel twirling, followed by the other rutching sandals in his wake.

Then, having salaamed the diwan obsequiously, he walked to the nearest gate with the heels of his loose sandals rutching on the gravel and dislike of exercise written all over him as if he were a Hindu merchant to the manner born.