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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Russ \Russ\, n. sing. & pl.

  1. A Russian, or the Russians. [Rare, except in poetry.]

  2. The language of the Russians.


Russ \Russ\, a. Of or pertaining to the Russians.

Russ (disambiguation)

Russ (singular and plural) are participants in the traditional Norwegian high school graduation ceremony russefeiring.

Russ may also refer to:

Russ (rapper)

Russ Vitale better known by his stage name Russ is a rapper/singer who writes, produces, mixes and masters everything he creates. Russ was born in New Jersey but grew up living in North Carolina, Kentucky and then finally Georgia in his teens. He is one of the fastest growing artists of 2016. As a part of the DEIMON Crew, Russ has released a total of 11 albums all of which received critical acclaim.

His Soundcloud page has garnered over 40 million listens since its inception in 2014.

In 2016, he signed to Columbia Records a division of Sony Music. His latest single is "What They Want."

Usage examples of "russ".

Russ began filming the initial scene, where the actor comes up the gravel walk leading to the Apgar farmhouse.

Vi, forgetting the Italian flagman and his earrings, as Russ hurried her toward the car steps.

As the Molokans speak nothing but Russ, we shall be in want of an interpreter in our visit to them.

Harry Sears gave the press a handout that Russ Millard composed, the straight dope of everything except the gutting of the stiff.

Russ Millard, Harry Sears and Lee followed them, the Homicide exec shaking his head.

Thinking of prowling for Lee, I took the elevator down to the parking lot and saw Russ Millard and Harry Sears walking toward the back stairs.

The Short case moved from headlines to back pages, tips fell off to almost zero, everyone but Russ Millard and Harry Sears went back to their regular assignments.

Rose, and if Russ can make a sort of wagon, or skatemobile, as I have heard them called, it will be fun for all of you.

Russ slipped the skycap a five-dollar bill and led Sharon over toward the well-dressed stranger.

Russ said goodnight just inside the door and took the wings upstairs with him.

Landsman handed the folded wings to Russ, who took them and turned to Coll.

Alone by the edge, Russ, one-handed and disdaining help, strapped the wings onto his son.

He stood very still while Russ unfolded the wings, and looked straight down at the abyss before him, where dark waves clawed against the beach.

Having mixed feelings about that, Amanda went out the door but had barely reached the bottom step when Russ stuck his head out.

She stared blankly at Amanda, shifting the blank stare to Russ when he joined them, then Gretchen.